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The city of Shillong, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Meghalaya, has always been known for its rich cultural heritage and academic pursuits. In a landmark development, the Ramakrishna Mission took a significant step towards progress with the establishment of the first computerized public library. Let us delve into the details of this remarkable venture that is set to redefine the way Shillong residents engage with literature and education.

1: The Inception
The idea of a computerized public library in Shillong was born out of a vision shared by educational authorities. Recognizing the need for greater accessibility and efficiency in delivering information, the library project was initiated during the diamond jubilee Celebration of Ramakrishna Mission.  A regular library, which was later named as Brahmananda Library started functioning from 13th May 1997.

2: Vast Book Collection
The highlight of this public library lies in its vast collection of books under various categories. The library empowers users to explore the vast collection of approximately 13,459 books, including both fiction and non-fiction titles.

3: The Periodicals and Dailies
Beyond books, the library also offers a curated selection of four daily newspapers and ten monthly periodicals. These publications cover a wide array of topics, including current affairs, literature, arts, culture, and scientific advancements, enriching the intellectual experience of library-goers.

4: Membership and Outreach
To encourage widespread participation, the library has devised an easy-to-join membership system. Residents of Shillong can obtain library cards that grant access to all the facilities and resources. Additionally, the library actively engages in outreach programs, collaborating with schools and community centers to promote a culture of reading and learning.

5: Preservation of Cultural Heritage
While embracing technological advancements, the library remains committed to preserving Shillong's cultural heritage. There are rare books, and artworks, that provides visitors with a glimpse into the city's historical treasures.

6: Future Vision
As the first computerized public library in Shillong continues to evolve, the vision for the future remains ambitious. Plans include the digitization of rare collections, expanding the e-learning programs, and introducing interactive storytelling sessions for children.

The establishment of the first computerized public library in Shillong marks a significant milestone in the traditional library system of India. This pioneering venture combines the essence of Shillong's cultural heritage with modern technology to create an inclusive and accessible space for knowledge and information. As the library opens its doors to the community, it is set to inspire generations of readers, researchers, and learners, ushering in a new era of intellectual growth and exploration in the beautiful city of Shillong.

Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Cultural Centre reopens its Library for public access and Book Issue(home). With three books to borrow at a time, access to ebook reading devices, reprography and scores of other facilities for the members with a nominal membership fee for the whole year. New members within November 2023 can get four books at a time to borrow.

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Library Reading Section : 8 am to 6 pm
Books Issue section : 2 pm to 6 pm



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