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Please visit our office for application forms. Information about the date of issue of forms will be published in the website. You can also check with our office by messaging in the whatsapp number provided.

Computer and Language Training courses are conducted in batches that spans a minimum of two months. Please check the website for the Training related information.

Yes, but only in the same level i.e. Beginner and Intermediate are to be done one after another. Multiple courses, either from Professional or Expert levels, are allowed only if you are talented enough and have enough time for studies beyond class hours.

The fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, you can get a refund after deduction of taxes and clerical charges if the admission is cancelled before class commencement day.

You can join the remaining part of the course in any of the following two sessions on payment of fees matching with the required portion of the training.

Yes, but subject to availability of courses and seats at your required time.

Though there is no pass mark criterion for project work, it is highly recommended to avoid a ‘0’ (zero) in the mark sheet. Project work has to be made at the Institute only, within specifically allotted hours.

Though there is no pass/fail for personality assessments, it is mandatory and highly recommended not to miss this very important segment of future job prospective.

Yes, but no certificate will be issued, as a minimum of 80% attendance is required to obtain a certificate.

Yes, for scholarship, but not mandatory for computer gift.

No, but a mark sheet can be issued upon request.

Please check the whatsapp number provided in the site and also the contact details at the top of each page and also in Contact Us page.

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