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Course Overview

The Professional- Database with Access module is a comprehensive course covering databases, management systems, and Microsoft Access. The course includes theory sessions and practical classes, starting with an introduction to databases and their evolution. The relational model and client/server platforms are explored, followed by database development life cycle and data modeling using the Entity-Relationship Model.

The course covers Relational Model Concepts, update operations, and the Relational Algebra. Students learn about normalization and algorithms for schema design. In the Microsoft Access section, they understand components like tables, forms, queries, and reports. Query operations, parameter queries, and action queries are practiced, along with form and report design.

Students gain hands-on experience creating relationships between tables and using macros. They also learn to work with other Microsoft Office applications for compatibility. The course emphasizes practical exercises to reinforce learning, making students proficient in database design, development, and management using Microsoft Access.


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