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Course Overview

Welcome to the next level of financial expertise with our comprehensive Accounting & Tally Part 2 course. Building on the foundation laid in Part I, this course delves deeper into accounting concepts and explores the advanced functionalities of Tally, the industry-leading accounting software.

Accounting Section:

In this section, you will consolidate your understanding of accounting concepts by focusing on types of accounts, rules for debit and credit, and essential accounting terminologies. Prepare trial balances effectively by mastering the art of journalizing, posting, and balancing ledgers. Hone your skills through practical exercises on journal entries and ledger balancing. Delve into the intricacies of cash books, bank accounts, and petty cash books to develop a solid grasp of financial record-keeping. Explore final accounts for sole proprietorships, covering concepts like depreciation, bad debts, prepaid expenses, and other vital financial aspects.

Tally Section:

The Tally segment of the course elevates your financial management abilities to new heights. Discover the concept of cost centers and cost categories, and learn how to create, display, alter, and configure them effectively. Gain hands-on experience with practical exercises on voucher type display and alteration. Understand the concept of GST and create corresponding ledgers for seamless compliance. Dive into inventory information and learn to manage stock groups, categories, and items, along with simple and compound units of measure.

Take control of price levels and price lists and explore their application in practical scenarios. Master purchase and sales voucher entries in both double entry and invoice modes. Learn to handle debit notes and credit notes, relating them to invoice transactions. Effectively manage inventory voucher entries, including goods out-delivery notes and rejections, and link them to sales and purchase returns. Understand purchase and sales orders and practice linking them with corresponding vouchers.

Further enhance your Tally proficiency by exploring journal vouchers, memorandum vouchers, and practical exercises on GST computation, payable or adjustable. Learn to handle reverse journals and post-dated vouchers, relating them to real-world scenarios. Master interest calculations on bank deposits and loan accounts, including bank loans and personal loans.

Finally, learn to generate and interpret essential accounting reports and books, such as trial balances, trading and profit & loss accounts, balance sheets, stock summaries, day books, vouchers, and Tally audit reports. Familiarize yourself with displaying payroll reports, pay slips, attendance sheets, and configuring report and voucher printing.

Join us for "Accounting & Tally Part II" and gain the expertise to navigate the complexities of accounting and financial management confidently. Our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you acquire the skills needed for success in the finance industry. Don't miss this opportunity to take your financial career to new heights!


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