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Course Overview

The Intermediate module consists of the components: Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. The total training time, including project work, spans approximately two months, with additional examination hours. The course alternates between theory and practical classes to ensure effective learning. The coverage of topics depends on the students' ability to grasp the material.


The course begins with an introduction to PowerPoint, its definition, and applications. Students learn about file naming conventions for PowerPoint files and explore the process of creating new presentations from scratch using Blank Presentation templates.

Various slide layouts, components of a slide etc. are taught in detail.

Students are taught how to create and run presentations using the Slide Show view, insert and edit video and audio conent.

SmartArt graphics and their purposes, such as hierarchy, process, and pyramid, are covered. Students manipulate SmartArt by adding and removing shapes, changing styles and layouts, and reordering shapes.

Students construct and edit photo albums, apply themes and background styles, set slide size and orientation, manage comments, and divide presentations into sections.

Slide transition techniques , Custom animation is introduced, including different types of animations. Students learn how to manage the order of animations and set automatic animations between slides.

The course concludes with a discussion of Master views, using Slide Master, and saving presentations in different file formats.


The Excel portion of the course starts with an overview of Microsoft Excel, its utility, and the appearance of the screen. Students learn about file naming and extensions for Excel files.

Personalizing the environment using Backstage view is covered, along with hiding and unhiding rows and columns, adjusting their width and height, merging and splitting cells, and wrapping text in cells.

Different data types, such as general, number, currency, and date, are explained. Students learn how to manage comments in Excel and use the Fill Series function for linear and growth trends and date series.

Working with worksheets, including inserting, deleting, copying, repositioning, renaming, grouping, and applying color to worksheet tabs, is demonstrated.

Students practice splitting and arranging window views and applying different workbook views.

Conditional formatting, Formulas, Cell referencing, Logical functions, charts, applying Sparklines, Sorting and filtering data, advanced filtering, Pivot tables and pivot table charts, reference and lookup functions and various other techniques are introduced.

Throughout the course, students engage in both theory and practical sessions to reinforce their understanding of the concepts. They work on creating presentations, manipulating slide components, applying animations and transitions, and effectively using various features in Excel. By the end of the Intermediate module, students gain proficiency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, enabling them to use these tools efficiently for various tasks and projects.


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